Environmental Station Alpha: A new LP

It's getting close to the release date, so I've decided to push on and get this thing started! I've been pretty excited about this for a while, and since it showed up in a development thread a few years ago, I've been keeping an eye on it!

Environmental Station Alpha is a Metroidvania styled game, a creation of Arvi Teikari. You play as a robot sent to an abandoned station with a mission of figuring out what happened to it, and detailing how no one survived. The soundtrack is brought to this game by Roope Mäkinen, sound effects created by Joonas Turner and Niilo Takalainen, brought together in Multimedia Fusion 2.

It's due out on the 22nd of April 2015, I've already had the opportunity to play it and get a feel for the whole thing, and I hope you stick around to see it. Of course, you might want to play the demo first, and if not that (you should), I do have footage from the demo that I covered from last year!

Environmental Station Alpha and Cover image © 2015 Arvi Teikari