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What types of video do you like?

It's probably not as useful right now at I know it'll be later on down the track, but I would like to know what sort of content you'd like me to produce! For the 2 years I've been doing it, I haven't exactly gotten a clear idea of what you want to see shown on the channel. See below for the poll itself, while I explain each of the options in the following paragraphs:

Technical Tutorials

This will be aimed towards you who are more aligned with the idea of creating rather than consuming. You want to know how to produce your own content, but aren't really sure as to how to go about it. What's a good program to facilitate recording? Audio editing? Thumbnail creation?

While I can't answer it conclusively, I'll show off the programs that I use and how I achieve my results. Examples of such videos I might make include thumbnail creation with GIMP, audio chains in Audacity, and setting up a domain name with your host.

Standard LPs

This is pretty straightforward. My content consists primarily of these comprehensive looks into a number of video games. These are already on the channel and attempt to discuss and explain the game to you in hope that either you're interested in getting the game yourself and that you're entertained.

I'm currently running a Standard LP of Environmental Station Alpha, and have previously finished Dink Smallwood. Battle for Wesnoth is also currently running.

Unscripted LPs

Not really unscripted as the standard LPs don't contain any scripts either, this type of video is more inclined to making me just react to things. Semi-blind is probably a more recognisable way of putting it. I might know things that happens in a game, but not entirely how it happens.

Examples of these I've done include the FTL: Faster Than Light series, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and Metroid Fusion.

One Offs / Reviews

Small, shorter videos which focus on things I get a look at for the first time, or something that won't be put into a LP. Games that are feel or are designed to only be played once will probably end up here.

Videos under this category feature Guardians of Graxia, the Pixel Star Demo, Asteria and Stranded.


I get to interact with other people! Yay. Or something like that. Timing is a bit of an issue, but it might be possible given demand. I don't have anything around to make this a reality just yet.

I think the only example I have is Super Metroid: So Little Room featuring MetroidMst.

That's all of the options, so let's head on to the poll!

The poll

This embedded poll is conducted on Google+, and contains all of the options listed above. If you have any thoughts on the poll, don't hesitate to leave a comment on the post!

Chaotic Law

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What types of video do you like?
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