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It's kind of interesting to see some content creators and how they aim to fill in every hour with some sort of published video. You can certainly see it, especially those who have plenty of viewers and subscribers. I suppose that part of the reason is to cater to all of their audience with a variety of content, and that makes sense. You don't want to end up with 5 parts of game A whilst a person might subscribe for game B that you're also doing.

There is only 24 hours in a day though, and I sometimes wonder what it's like to actively produce content day in, day out without really much to insure you. I am currently running the ESA LP on a semi-frequent basis and that's what I plan on doing over the next few weeks.

I would like to get back to doing Battle for Wesnoth however. I think that by playing it, not only have I gotten a bit better at the game, but also am better able to present it. The way that things are at, I need to get out of the mindset of simply being lazy and just to go ahead and do it. The only real issue is that the current campaign I'm playing for it (Northern Rebirth) although not having a large amount of scenarios (I believe Heir to the Throne is the largest) takes plenty of time to play through and succeed.

The current state of Battle for Wesnoth - Northern Rebirth

As you can see, most of the videos are well beyond what I'd normally do for a LP. Whereas I space episodes out according to time in most cases, each scenario in The Battle for Wesnoth gets its own episode. It just doesn't feel right to do otherwise, as there's a definite beginning and end of each episode. The issue is that I don't think I'd be very good at trying to fill in three quarters of an hour per episode and expect to keep posting video updates. I would also like to maintain the level of quality that I'm expecting of my own content to be delivered to others.

It's probably easier to get away with live content like we see sometimes by popular video makers as they hurl themselves into new things all the time. Reviews, First Impressions, Collaborations, they can all be used to make content that is easier to deliver than the sort of things that I do. Just do it, put it in the editor and it's done. That's not really the sort of content that I do, and so I tend to laze about for a bit before editing, and the result is a video I'm pretty happy with. I think it's best to have something that comes out once in a while that I want others to see than recording a bad live episode that's one of ten daily videos.

I don't want to make video creation a chore for myself. I want to make it something that I want to do, and in the current state of things, I know I'm not earning remotely enough to make it my life. But it is something I'd like to dedicate time to, and I'd like to dedicate time to the game. I don't think I could be so thorough to a game unless I took the time to record the game, then the commentary, and then editing it.

The pay is certainly much better if I were a full-time freelance artist. I earned more in the two works I was commissioned for this year than the entirety of my time on YouTube.

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An everyday thing
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