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Broken equipment

So as it turns out, dropping a condenser microphone is not a good thing to do. It also turns out that unless you own a sound-treated studio, they tend to pick up a lot of the surrounding background.

I've decided to make use of a temporary microphone at least until I decide to get myself a new one. It's another condenser microphone, but at least it works.

Maybe one of the dynamic microphones would be nice.

Oh, also one of my hard disks finally gave it up. It was working the last time I had it on, but then it gave out a scratching noise the next time I booted up the computer. A mechanical failure, and with it, I lost pretty much all my data.

I did move most of my video data to another external drive a few months before that, so I don't have to worry about that. Just that I've been pretty unmotivated to do a proper video recording.

Gaming streams do happen sometimes. Because of the recent move, I'm not quite ready to set up a schedule. It'll happen soon enough once everything's settled in. Just need to finish telling the various agencies I'm no longer living at my old address.

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Broken equipment
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